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Erin and Tammy
Aerials and Dips & Tricks Series

(DVDs are Region 0 (International Format),
MAC/PC Compatible); Scroll down for package DVD deals!

Aerials for swing dance! Erin and Tami Stevens, great professional dancers and instructors.

Erin and Tammy Stevens, Aerials Vol. 1
Each of the many exciting aerials moves is shown from different angles, in slow motion. Safety is taught also. 42 minutes, VHS/DVD.

Dance moves included:
Frog Jump w/Man's Kick
Cannon Ball
Squat w/Hip Roll
Shoulder Sit, Leg Shimmy
Side to Side Straddle
Cradle to 'Around the Back'
Shoulder Throw 'Over the Back'
Back-to-Back Roll
Side Straddle to to Candlestick
Front Straddle to 'Over and Down' the Back.

Aerials, Vol. 1, DVD
Price: $25.95
Out of Stock

Great aerials for swing dancing. You'll love these tapes by Erin and Tami Stevens.

Erin and Tammy Stevens, Aerials Vol. 2
This video also teaches the aerials from beginning to end, with full preparation, landing, from different angles and in slow motion. 42 minutes, VHS/DVD.

Dance moves included:
Basic Throw Out
Double Jump
The Carry
Russian Split
The Piggy Back
The Roll Over
Hip Jump
Hip Throw To Cradle (to Hip Jump)
Duck and Dive
The Basket
The Handstand
Layout Jump and Unroll
Back Charleston w/Front Flip
The Double Flip.

Aerials, Vol. 2, DVD
Price: $25.95

Aerials, Vol. 2, VHS
Price: $24.00
Out of Stock

Dips and Tricks, 1. Great moves without flying through the air while dancing!

Erin and Tammy Stevens, Dips and Tricks Volume 1
The dips and tricks videos (Volumes 1 and 2) will give you a lot of flash to your east coast or any kind of swing dancing. As with the aerials videos, they teach you the tricks step by step, from various angles and at different speeds. You will look hot! It is divided into 2 sections from easy to more challenging. Each move is discussed in full detail with cutaways and closeups of hand and feet positions. Section III also includes slow motion videography for more intensive study. Look below for package deal on both videos/DVDs

Dance moves on Volume 1:
Basic Corte
Corte Oversway
Freespin Oversway
Cuddle Corte
Cuddle to Drop
Corte to Twist Over
The Arm Swing
Arm Swing to Slow Boogie
Kick Over and Spin
The Men's Slide
Duck Under Hook
Man's Leg Drop
The Floor Sit
The Cartwheel
The Drop Sit
Arm Swing to Back Drag

Dips and Tricks, Vol. 1, DVD
Price: $25.95

Dips and Tricks, Vol. 1, VHS
Price: $24.00

Dips & Tricks, Vol. 2, Great moves for swing dance! Erin and Tami Stevens.

Erin and Tammy Stevens, Dips and Tricks Volume 2
As in Volume One, each move is discussed in full detail with cutaways and closeups of hand and feet positions. Section III also includes slow motion videography for more intensive study. 1999, approximately 50 minutes, VHS/DVD.

Dance moves on Volume II:
Basic Lunge
Lunge to the Floor
Swing Out and Jump
A Basic Drop
Down The Steps
The Fall Back
The Back Drag
Knee Drops
Kick and Jump
Kick Drag and Jump
Kick Away Spin
On the Back
Fall Back to Step Over
Man's Leg Lock
"Over and Up"
Man's Splits
Leap Frog
The Pull Thru
The Monkey Slide.

Dips and Tricks, Vol. 2, DVD
Price: $25.95

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