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Marcus and Bärbl DVDs
M&B on VHS here!

DVDs on this page: Collegiate Shag, Balboa, Dean Collins Shim Sham, and 3 Volumes of Boogie Woogie!

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Master Trick Steps for Guys and Dolls
How to Jitterbug

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Collegiate Shag: A simple Slow Slow Quick Quick is the secret of an exciting and cool looking 6-count swing dance from the 30s and 40s: The Shag. Shag is easy to learn. With its hops and kicks it is a lot of fun. If you like to have close contact to your partner and still don’t want to miss the energy of swing than Shag is the dance for you. Mostly danced in closed position, but also with open and separating elements, Shag can be danced from medium to fast music. Shag was spread all over America some years before Lindy Hop became popular and different styles were popular in different regions. This tape series is about the Double Time Shag that was danced a lot among the college students, which why it is often referred to as Collegiate Shag. It should not be confused with Carolina Shag or St. Louis Shag. Even it was a separate dance Shag can be easily mixed with other Swing styles. Revived in the Los Angeles Swing scene Shag made a strong comeback since the early 90s and spread on the side of his dancing cousin the Balboa around the World. Shag is taught again at many international dance camps and workshops and hasn’t lost its popularity. Marcus and Bärbl have studied extensively with original shag dancers from the swing era, as well as with dancer and dance historian Lance Benishek. We are confident you will enjoy these DVDs!

Collegiate Shag, 1 & 2, DVD

This DVD is for the Beginner/Intermediate Shag Dancer.

Part 1: Section 1 Hop Basic, Turning & Traveling, Zig Zag; Section 2 Chug Basic, Cuddle, Open Position, Truckin’; Section 3 Separation Turn, Show your socks, Break To Front, Break To Side; Section 4 Kick Basic, Opposite Cross Kicks, Double Hand Hold, Cuddle with Kicks, Traveling with Kicks, Shag Kicks; Section 5 Camel Kicks, Separation With Camel Kicks, Skater Knot, Skater Knot Front, Skater Knot Back, Sliding door; Section 6 Single Turn, Single Turn With Travel, Changing Places Vars., Organ Grinder’s Swing; Section 7 Moon Basic, Propeller Basic; Extra Interview and Jam. 96 min., 2003 (DVD out in 2004).

Part 2: Section 1 Double Shag Kicks, Multiple Shag Kicks, Connie Kicks, WOS Kicks; Section 2 Cuddle and Flip; Run Around & Cut Off, Rotation turn left & right, Rotation turn right; Section 3 Scorpion, Hand to Hand Shag Kicks, Hand to Hand Shag Kicks with Twist, Kick Away; Section 4 Click Basic, Click Brake, Heels Up Brake, Collegiate Basic / Triple Basic; Section 5 Sailor Basic, Sailor Basic in dancing, Camel Hops, Skippies; Section 6 Jumping Jacks (Hampelmann), Hop Scotch, Chucks, Chuck Turns; Section 7 Hip to Hip Breaks, Break to Open Position, Mixed Breaks, Lunges and Pecking; Extra Interview and Jam. 93 min., 2003 (DVD out in 2004).

Marcus and Bärbl, Collegiate Shag 1&2 on one DVD
Out of Stock

Collegiate Shag, 3 & 4, DVD

Part 1: Section 1 Double Kicks, Pumps, Rotating Pumps, Heels Up, Scoops, Mixing Steps; Section 2 Jig Trot, Jig Trot with Heels Up, Kick Pull (Pull Ups), Pull Kicks; Section 3 Mixing Step 1 - Guys, Mixing Step 2 - Dolls, Mutual Kicks, Mixing All Up; Section 4 Shag Rocks, Shag Rocks under Chin, Shag Rocks in Open, Roll off the Log; Section 5 Lock Brake, Swingaroo, Popeye Kicks, Legomania; Section 6 Sailor Step, Back to Back Break, Extreme Break; Section 7 Corte Break, Cont. Lunges, Pecking Flips; Extra Jams. 89 min., 2003 (DVD in 2004).

Part 2: Section 1 Trip, Gallagher's Cross Step, Drag Suzy-Q, Side Travel, Double/Triple Turn; Section 2 Outer Scissor Basic, Inner Scissor Basic; Section 3 Sling Shot, Inside Passes, Pass with an Inside Turn, Swing Out, Double Hook, Boss Turn; Section 4 Double Stab, Kick Ball Change, Double Kick Pull, Hammer Combination; Section 5 Pick-A-Boo, Single Time Cross Kicks; Section 6 Continuous Kicks, Minoru Step; Extra Jams. 79 min., 2003 (DVD in 2004).

Marcus and Bärbl, Collegiate Shag 3&4 on one DVD
Out of Stock

Marcus and Bärbl, Collegiate Shag 3&4 on two VHS
(new, Shrink-wrapped hard plastic cases)

Price: $24.95

Marcus and Bärbl, Collegiate Shag 3, VHS
(new, Shrink-wrapped hard plastic case)

Price: $24.95

Marcus and Bärbl, Collegiate Shag 4, VHS
(new, Shrink-wrapped hard plastic case)

Price: $24.95

Balboa was very popular among the College Kids in the mid 30’s and it is very popular again. Originally Balboa was a closed position swing form with intricate footwork predominantly based on 8-count patterns. But when the hot Swing music really hit the scene some of the younger dancers like Maxie Dorf and Lolly Wise added break-aways and swing turns to the Balboa, which nowadays is often referred to as Bal-Swing.

Balboa can be danced to any speed of music, from slow songs at 120 beats/min. till very fast ones at 300 beats/min. Pure Balboa is probably the easiest way to dance to fast swing music and enjoy it.

With Marcus & Bärbl and Steve & Denise you can learn from the best international renowned instructors. Steve & Denise won all major Balboa Championships in the US among them the National Balboa Championship 2001. They appeared in many movies and were headline instructors for one year at the famous Derby.

Balboa, 1-3, DVD

Part 1: Section 1: One-Step, Basic, Crab Walks, Crabs on 3 & 7, Paddles.
Section 2: Transition, Cross Breaks, (He/She Crosses), Come Around Swing Step, Swing in a Circle. Section 3: Inside Turn, Reverse Turn, Adlibs, Double Time, Shuffle. Extra Interview With Original Dancers And Jams. 78 min, 2002 (DVD in 2004).

Part 2: Section 1: Long Beach Basic, Swivels, Maxie’s Stop Step,
Section 2: Both Cross Break, Salsa Break, Johnny‘s Drop, Transition + Slide. Section 3: Multiple Turns, Inside Pop Turn, Outside Turn, Jason‘s Favourite. Section 4: Fan Step, Triple Time Basic. Section 5: Slide Boy, Slide Girl, Slide Both. Extra Interview With Original Dancers And Balboa Jam. 88 min, 200. (DVD in 2004).

Part 3: Section 1: Apache, Snap Turn, Combination, The Dream.
Section 2: Ed’s Hangman, Bart Leg, Hal‘s Roll. Section 3: Maxie‘s Slide, Marcus‘ Slide, Beach Turn. Section 4: Cuddle (Fred), Ray Hirsch, Scotty‘s Drag. Section 5: Ducking Turn, Bal-Whip, Dizzy, Super Dizzy. Section 6: Double Kicks, Jig Trot. Extra Demonstration of original dancers. 116 min, 2002 (DVD in 2004)
Out of Stock

Dean Collins' Version of the Shim Sham
with Marcus and Bärbl

The Shim Sham originated as a tap dance choreographed by Leonard Reed and Willie Bryant in 1928. Intended for a show finale that could be done by all the performers it was adopted by many dancers and became one the most well-known and wide-spread routines of all time. It is danced around the world today!

One of those dancers was Dean Collins, the most influential Lindy Hop dancer on the West Coast. His non-tap version became very popular around the world. Based on the original Shim Sham he spiced up the footwork and extended the original routine with additional steps. This fun dance can be danced alone, next to a partner or with a huge crowd.

Dean Collins' Version of the Shim Sham
Price: $64.95

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Master Trick Steps for Guys and Dolls


How to Jitterbug

Click here for this & additional Marcus and Bärbl material, VHS

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