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TC Swingin' Hepcats is a home-based, one and a half person business.

As lindy hopper performers since 1995, Roger and I teach lindy hop and six count (east coast) swing in St. Paul once or twice a week, social dance, and travel to shows as much as possible (though now in 2006 our family is growing - so things have slowed down as far as traveling goes!). We were members of a performing dance team (we now refer to it as a “cult”!) for over four years. Much of this was very exciting—in the beginning it was so scary to dance in front of others, and then it just became a total joy to make people smile. Later, when we began doing our own choreographies we had even more excitement, for example, when our first choreography was enthusiastically received with our solo performance in a Minneapolis dance club and then in the beautiful Landmark Center for Capital New Year, 1998. Our picture even made the front page of the St. Paul Pioneer Press—January 1, 1999, and our back flip made KARE 11's news coverage of the event. This was all very exciting for us! (Note: Although we have become fairly decent lindy hoppers—we don’t kid ourselves into thinking this was the big time. We just happened to be among the first to make lindy hop popular here in the Twin Cities.)

Since 1998, we have written and performed four of our own choreographies. They are all quite different and range from the big apple to the charleston and black bottom to slow lindy to fast lindy with aerials. If you have an event, large or small, and would like someone to give a dance lesson or to demonstrate at a nominal fee, please feel free to contact us! 

I thank the universe for granting me lindy hop! I hope you do too. It gave me my husband, as well as many close and dear friends. With my small business as vendors at nationwide events, Roger and I have experienced much dance and excitement that never would have happened had I only concentrated on graduate school! (HA!)  A special thanks to all who have danced with us, been kind to us and others, and to organizers in our own community and in other areas who have generously supported my business. And for those of you who purchase swing merchandise—thank you for choosing TCSH as your source!

Sincerely, a fellow dancer!

This Swing, Swing, Swing (In a Ring) site is managed by Wendy Jo.
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TCSH donates a small portion of its gross profit to the non profit organization RSAC in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 8% of its gross profit of all elephant sales from other websites is donated to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, and donates year round to other charitable causes. For more information contact these organizations directly or us.


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